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About Us:
Mister Wheelz is your go-to destination for simplifying the car selling process in Dubai. Our dedicated team is committed to providing seamless services that ensure a smooth transition when you decide to sell your car.

Sell my Car Dubai

Strategically nestled within Dubai’s central hub, Mister Wheelz provides optimal accessibility for addressing your car transfer requirements promptly and seamlessly, while operating within the comprehensive framework of the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) Dubai.

Sell my Car Dubai

Our Services:
When you choose Mister Wheelz, you can expect:

Effortless Car Transfers: Our experts specialize in streamlining the process of transferring your car’s ownership. We handle all the necessary paperwork and interactions, making the process hassle-free for you.

Quick and Convenient Transactions: Tired of waiting for the right buyer? We buy cars in as little as 30 minutes, ensuring you receive your payment promptly.

We Buy Used Cars: Whether your car is new or used, we’re interested in purchasing it. Say goodbye to the search for used car traders in Dubai – we’re your one-stop solution.

Sell Any Car Dubai

About RTA Dubai:
The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai is the government authority responsible for overseeing transportation and traffic management in the city. They play a crucial role in regulating vehicular transactions and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Sell My Car Dubai

RTA Services:
The RTA offers a range of services to facilitate seamless transportation and road management, including:

Vehicle Registration: RTA Dubai handles vehicle registration and ensures that all vehicles on the road are properly documented and registered.

Licensing Services: They provide various licensing services, including driver’s licenses, vehicle permits, and commercial licenses, ensuring the safety and legality of all drivers.

Traffic Management: RTA Dubai is responsible for managing traffic flow, implementing road safety measures, and maintaining road infrastructure to ensure smooth and safe journeys.

Public Transport: The RTA oversees Dubai’s public transportation systems, including buses, metro, and trams, making it easier for residents and visitors to travel around the city.

Smart Services: RTA offers convenient smart services such as online transactions, digital parking systems, and mobile apps, enhancing the overall experience for all road users.

Sell my Car Dubai


Q: Can you buy my car?
A: Absolutely! We take care of every step of the selling process, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

Q: How long does the selling process take?
A: With Mister Wheelz, selling your car is quick and hassle-free. Our streamlined process allows us to buy cars within just 30 minutes.

Q: Do you only buy new cars?
A: No, we buy used cars too! Whether your car is new, used, or somewhere in between, we’re interested in purchasing it.

Experience the convenience of selling your car without the stress. Choose Mister Wheelz for a straightforward and efficient car selling experience in Dubai. Sell your car today and enjoy a hassle-free process!

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Why Choose Mister Wheelz?

  1. Quick Car Transfers: Say goodbye to waiting for weeks to transfer ownership. With Mister Wheelz, the process is expedited, and we buy cars in as little as 30 minutes.
  2. Comprehensive Services: Our range of services covers every aspect of the car selling process, including paperwork and interactions, making it a hassle-free experience for you.
  3. All Cars Welcome: Whether your car is brand new or used, we’re interested in purchasing it. No need to deal with various used car traders in Dubai.

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Experience the ease of selling your car without the hassle. Choose Mister Wheelz for a straightforward and efficient car selling experience in Dubai. Sell your car today and enjoy a seamless process!