The RTA registration test is more than just a mandatory step for car transfer—it contains a wealth of valuable information beyond a pass or fail outcome. In this article, we explore the intricacies of the test and provide you with expert guidance on how to effectively read and interpret the results. Prepare to uncover the hidden insights that will empower you to make informed decisions about the condition of your prospective car.

Verifying the Odometer

In the above image, Position 1 & 2 allows you to verify the current odometer reading. However, a closer look reveals a concerning revelation – a confirmed kilometer rollback, evident from previous data stored in the RTA’s system. This discrepancy raises doubts about the car’s true mileage. Interestingly, Position 4 offers a clue, indicating the potential timeframe when the odometer may have been rolled back. Understanding these telltale signs can help you identify possible odometer fraud and make informed decisions when evaluating the car’s history.

Inspection Remarks

Position 3, on the image above, unveils the crucial inspection remarks. If the car fails the test, you can find the reason for the failure and the necessary repairs to make it roadworthy again. However, in this specific case, the car has passed the test. Nonetheless, the inspector has noted signs of significant repairs, particularly related to the chassis or frame. These repairs strongly suggest a frontal accident that had a substantial impact on the vehicle.

Regardless of whether an accident has been repaired by an agency or not, the fact remains that an accident is an accident. Frontal impacts carry inherent risks that can lead to unexpected future repairs, compromise driving stability, and even impact safety in some cases. Even if repairs have been performed by a reputable agency, it is crucial to acknowledge the long-term implications of such incidents.


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  1. The material provided is indeed illuminating. I’m curious, do you also offer services like physical inspection for car purchases as an independent third party?

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